For those patients who experience anxiety that might interfere with them being comfortable during dental treatments, Dr. Soria, Dr. Padmanabhan and Dr. Paolino are trained in the delivery of nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) anesthesia in Manchester, Connecticut.

Nitrous oxide is combined with oxygen and reduces or eliminates anxious thoughts during its use, allowing patients a more comfortable experience. It is very safe for children and will help them relax and forget any aspects of their visit that might trigger anxiety, such as the sounds or smells of the office. The effects of nitrous oxide do not last beyond the appointed time, and your child will begin to feel like their normal self as soon as the nose mask is removed and the flow of nitrous oxide stops. There is no lingering drowsiness or required downtime following the use of nitrous oxide.

Drs. Soria, Padmanabhan and Paolino can answer any questions or address concerns you may have about nitrous oxide. Please contact Pediatric Dental Associates & Orthodontics at 860-649-4655 for more information and to set up your child’s appointment with our pediatric dentists. We look forward to providing your child with a comfortable and enjoyable dental experience!

For more information about nitrous oxide, please click here.