Monsters Need Dental Care, Too!

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Are you having a hard time getting your child to take care of their smile? With the holidays fast approaching, you want them to take even better care of their pearly whites with so many sweets and treats coming at them. We want your children to have great dental care, and some great ways to help your child in their dental care include:

– Showing them how to brush and floss
– Being a good example by brushing and flossing with them.
– Practice going to the dentist office. Use a popsicle stick and light to play “pretend dentist” so they get used to having an object in their mouth.
– Set goals and reward them with a small toy or fun new toothbrush. You can set up a calendar with fun stickers so they can see their progression.
– Read a fun story (like the one below!) to get them excited to brush and floss.

Monsters Need Dental Care, Too!

Wesley the Werewolf woke up one morning with a toothache, thinking to himself, “I don’t want my tooth to break!” So he hurried and made a dental appointment, hoping for a cure or some type of ointment.

He knew Halloween was fast approaching with all kinds of tricks and monsters, sweets and treats. Wesley was determined to be prepared for all kinds of scares out there on the streets.

Dr. Vernon the Vampire greeted him with a hello and smile, explaining everything and making jokes all the while. All of a sudden with a twist and a flick, Dr. Vernon pulled out an old toothpick.

“There’s your toothache problem! A toothpick where it shouldn’t have been! The rest of your smile looks healthy, here’s your gold star. Now go enjoy your Halloween!”

With a thank you and a toothy grin, Wesley went on his wolfy way, determined to enjoy the best day of the year and to not let another toothpick stray.

Wesley met with his monster friends, Gina the Goblin and Frankenstein’s son, Frankie. Gina looked excited to greet the night, but Frankie had a scowl and seemed a bit cranky.

Gina asked, “Frankie, why the long face? It’s the best scary day of the year!”

He sadly replied, “I think I’m losing a tooth, that is what I fear!”

“Not to worry!” said Wesley with a grin. “Dr. Vernon will take you in!”

With some extra courage, they rushed over to Dr. Vernon’s cave. He pulled the tooth with ease, telling Frankie, “You were very brave!”

Dr. Vernon gave Frankie a pat on the head and told him while putting his tooth in a jar, “Put this under your pillow for Harry the Tooth Fairy, he’s the best fairy by far.”

With a reminder to brush and floss each day, the monsters went on their happy, frightful way. Ready for Halloween with their best smile in place, they disappeared into the night without a trace.
Our team will be happy to set up an appointment for your child’s biannual exam and cleaning. Feel free to give us a call today, and we’ll do everything we can to help your child with their smile as well as help them feel comfortable in our office.