Making Dental Hygiene Enjoyable for Your Child

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If getting your child to practice proper dental hygiene is a struggle, you are not alone. Maybe changing something simple is all it will take to help them enjoy dental hygiene. This can take a little creativity, so our doctors and team are more than happy to give you a few ideas.

Make Up a Game
Children are naturally very playful. Take advantage of this trait when teaching him or her dental hygiene habits. The younger you start these games, the simpler they can be. Just make sure to smile and look excited to get your child excited!

One game you could try is a copycat game. Brush your teeth until you have lots of foam or bubbles in your mouth. Then try to say something silly with a mouth full of toothpaste. Have your child copy you. Next, have your wee one lead the copycat game. Be prepared to do things like making mustaches with your toothpaste.

Children’s Toothbrushes
A way to get your child more excited about brushing is to let him or her choose a toothbrush. Child toothbrushes come in many bright colors and fun designs. Your little one can even have a toothbrush with a favorite cartoon character.

Dental hygiene habits that are formed early can last a lifetime! To learn more and to book your child’s next visit with our pediatric dentists in Manchester, Connecticut, contact Pediatric Dental Associates & Orthodontics at 860-649-4655 today.