Holiday Treats for Children With Braces: Eat This, Not That

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Holidays can be a fun time, with family, friends, and delicious foods. Those with braces may feel that their holiday treats are pretty limited this year. The good news is, there are still plenty of holiday foods they CAN eat! Here are some common culprits for broken braces, and some great coordinating options for a delightful, braces-friendly holiday.

Popcorn: Popcorn kernels getting caught between teeth for most people is obnoxious. However, with braces, it is worse: kernels can be very difficult to remove, leading to painful inflammation of the gum tissue and damage to wires and brackets. Definitely pass on the popcorn this year! Instead, reach for crunchy potato chips. Make sure to brush and floss thoroughly that day, as the starchy chips can feed the bacteria that live in your mouth.

Candied or Caramel Apples: For folks with braces, whole apples coated in hard candy or caramel are simply a bad idea. Instead, try fruit slices dipped in chocolate! Oranges, strawberries, and thin apple slices are all good for this treat. Remember to accompany all citrus and acidic treats with a large glass of plain water!

Caramel: Don’t eat sticky caramel if you have braces. Try caramel-flavored hot chocolate or coffee creamer, instead. Remember: accompany all sugary beverages with a glass of plain water!

Remember, choose small portion sizes. Also, don’t snack on starchy, sugary, or acidic foods throughout the day; this can increase instances of tooth decay. Have a treat or two, then stop, clean your mouth thoroughly, and enjoy the rest of your holiday!

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