Dental Facts and Findings on Thumb Sucking Treatments

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Are you aware of the risks associated with thumb sucking in children? Because many individuals often think of it as a way for them to stay calm and relaxed when they are not feeling well or as a way to help them cope with any issues they may have, the truth is thumb-sucking can have several consequences to the health of your child’s teeth and gums. Thus, it must be treated and dealt with as an unhealthy habit that needs to be broken.

If your child has not stopped sucking their thumb by the time their permanent teeth begin to grow in, it is important to take the necessary measures to eliminate the habit. Due to the fact that thumb sucking can hinder the growth of teeth or even introduce bacteria into a child’s mouth, it is important to have it eliminated as soon as you can.

Because thumb-sucking is often used as a security blanket for a child that may have low confidence or to help them feel protected, it is important to always praise your child whenever they stop. By building confidence and inner strength within your child, you can help them realize they don’t need to rely on sucking their thumb. If your child continues to suck their thumb, bring them in to see their pediatric dentist, which can provide a medication used to coat their thumbs with a foul substance to help them avoid the habit.

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