A Water Flosser Is an Easy Tool Kids and Teens Will Love!

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When you visit the dentist, we always know when you have not been flossing your teeth regularly, and the same goes for your child’s smile! It is because when your child neglects their daily oral care, harmful oral bacteria builds up around the gum line and adding insult to injury by hardening (mineralizing) into tartar or calculus, making them vulnerable to gum disease. A great way to avoid cavities and gum disease is by flossing, and nothing is easier than using a water flosser that does most of the work for you!

Water Flossers for the Win!

The great thing about water flossers is that they are a point-and-shoot super soaker instead of trying to maneuver dental floss, string, or tape around the teeth and gumline. Instead, flossers squirt the water stream at the teeth and gum areas. This targeted stream of water gets into crevices to flush out plaque and oral debris left behind after brushing. It is easy and fun to use, and it doesn’t require manual dexterity or skill.

If you have a child who doesn’t like flossing and avoids doing it to the point that you are noticing bloody gums, arming them with a water flosser can save their smile. They will have no more excuses to floss! While not as powerful as flossing traditionally, they are definitely more effective than not flossing at all, which many parents face. By helping them find an effective tool, your child will more likely learn to practice this daily habit. It sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthier teeth and gums.

Bonus Round – Why You Should Get Your Child a Water Flosser?

  • Water flossers are inherently easy to maneuver: All they need to do is put the flossing tip in-between their teeth and press a button, and the cleaning will commence!
  • Water flossers can be part of their bathing routine: Portable flossers do fine when your child flosses in the bath or shower, so it fits right into their nightly bedtime routine.
  • Fun for the kids: Your child would not be the first to see it as a smaller super soaker for their mouth! The water stream is fun to apply and usually feels good in their mouth. Just make sure they don’t use it to target their younger siblings!
  • Water flossers are easy to use: Fill up the reservoir with some warm water, have your child pick the tip of their choice, and set the water pressure to a comfortable setting. Show your child how to point the tip between their teeth and how to move along the gum line at a 90-degree angle. Show them a few times how to work it then they will easily be able to take over for themselves.
  • Water flossers are perfect for braces: Food tends to get stuck in your child’s braces, and it is hard to remove trapped food particles and dental plaque, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. The water flosser is great for cleaning around each braces bracket, especially using the appropriate tip designed to clean around them. Flushing out any leftover bits of food will effectively remove harmful plaque. Water flossing also works for kids with sensitive teeth.

Bottom Line

Teach your child that flossing with any tool is only half of the job. Brushing is their first line of defense against cavities and gum disease, supported by twice-yearly visits to the dentist for professional cleanings and checkups. We have often stressed that your child should visit the dentist once their first tooth erupts so we can keep an eye on their development and keep track of unique dental needs. A confident smile starts with a healthy one that will set the foundation for a lifetime of smiles!